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  • Last update: 10 months ago
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Size: 741 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Armor Games Inc
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • Languages: English
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Do you feel like melting sugar when you see a chubby neighbor’s cat or a cuddly kitty meme on Facebook?

No worries, I do too.

Thankfully, Catfish Box and Armor Games shared our interests and created the latest platformer with a lovable fat cat in the main role. Games of the rolling-style genre are hardly new and their popularity is usually based on a cute aesthetic and a little novelty to win players over. Not surprisingly, that this formula also worked for The Big Journey.

It’s another high-demanded rolling-platformer with such an adorable art style that it's almost impossible not to enjoy playing it. The

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game is focused on collection, exploration, avoidance and platforming skills with a small amount of combat thrown into the mix.

The Big Journey is designed to be an all-ages game, as friendly and accessible for kids as it is gorgeous and relaxing for adults. To play, you can use the onscreen buttons to rotate the world and roll and jump Mr. Whiskers around, or tilt your device. Each new location you travel to has friends to find, bugs and dumplings to eat, baddies to avoid and optional objectives to complete.

The Big Journey is the game which most players dream of. It takes you to the miracle world that inspires a sense of innocent wonder and true delight from this game. You will feel like a character from a beautiful fairytale, and no matter are you a 5 y.o. kid or a 60 y.o. grandfather.

Graphics 5/5

The Big Journey visuals will simply make you fall in love with them. The graphics looks much like a modern storybook. The images are crisp; two-dimensional flat art feels textured.

Those vibrant colors, environments that accurately pop out, sceneries that don’t distract but add so much individuality to each location and turn this game into something that everybody wants to play.

Gameplay 4/5

You play as Mr. Whiskers, a tubby kitty that has lost his close friend and the best dumplings maker, Mr. Choo. Your goal is to roll and bounce Mr. Whiskers through this important search and feed him with Mr. Choo’s dumplings because only they can make cat’s stomach and heart feel warm.

Fortunately, Mr. Choo left a trace. He lost some of the dumplings on the way. So, eventually, that will help your kitty to find the friend.

There will be some enemies to avoid on the way. But don’t worry for your life. Mr. Whiskers is immortal (seriously). The worst thing that can happen to you is losing a couple of dumplings. Because you as Mr. Whiskers simply don’t have any health points.

The game is divided into five worlds with five levels each. The challenge at these levels isn't to complete them, but rather to accomplish goals like finding a certain number of dumplings or collect a certain number of bugs before reaching the exit. It’s a pretty facile platformer with enough coin-like objects to collect and make a serious challenge from this game.

Controls 4.5/5

You can either use the accelerometer or on-screen buttons, but both have their flaws. The Rolando appeal I mentioned earlier has to do with the control scheme. Being a rather rotund kitty, I prefer an accelerometer as the manner of controlling. Tilt the screen to the left to make Mr. Whiskers roll backward, tilt the screen to the right to make him roll forwards. It won’t take long to make him move in the needed direction because the game’s physics are quite sensitive.

There is a non-accelerometer based control system too, for players that aren't into moving around their phone to control the hero. All you need to do is jumping to avoid enemies, grab dumplings and climb steeper hills. To do so just tap the screen. Unfortunately, there are no special jumps available by double-tapping.

You can also add a control pad of three buttons to the screen. The one on the bottom left will guide a direction and the lower right will be the jump button.

Replay Value 4.5/5

The Big Journey isn’t a long game. Even though it has enough explorations, secret tunnels and passageways to be easily and enjoyable completed at your leisure time.  Bouncing and rolling around as a pleasantly plump cat in a super colorful environment is more than enough to keep you pushing through the game.

In-app purchases

The Big Journey is a premium game, so there are no ads to purchase within. Buying the game for mobile will also unlock the version for the 4th generation Apple TV.


The Big Journey is one of those games that you play with a smile on your face.

The Visuals are warm without being obstructive, sounds are satisfying and never can be irritating, the overall mood is both vibrant and soothing. Everything looks so much adorable that you want to explore more of the game’s routes and, eventually, find the cat’s best friend with more dumplings.

I had a fun time leading Mr. Whiskers on his journey and I’m sure you’ll have too. Playing a cat and a dumplings lover at the same time can not be boring, right?




The Big Journey is catchy, addictive and altogether makes you feel warm and fuzzy while playing.

Pros : vibrant colors, peaceful sounds;
fluffy cat characters;
simple tilt controls;
a compelling storyline with dumplings;

Cons : controls suits the iPhone better than an iPad regarding comfort;

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 4.0

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.5

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  • H
    This says kids under five, totally false. Requires complex coordination an platforming skills including powering up avoiding enemies and making precarious timed jumps. What's worse is teaching kids to follow directions but there's misleading road signs u always need to ignore to find the garlics or characters. Whomever designed this never had a four year old that's for sure. If u can past the fact of buying for a child, it's crashing all the time, the controls are slow and sluggish adding to frustration. Looked good but worst game I've gotten this month. Not for kids. Not as advertised. Doesn't run on iPad air2 after update.
  • FT
    Fluffy Totoro
    Absolutely love this game! It's like Loco Roco from the PSP and so fun! The music is fun and the design is very well thought out as you get a feel for each level has a personal touch from the developer like a piece of art. If people are complaining kids can't play this, they're probably those spoiled children that have to buy gems to pass levels in those pay as you play. The old Genesis games were harder than today's games but the point people are missing is the journey through the game with fun colorful worlds like Klonoa and older Mario games. Can't get enough of this app! Well worth it and can't wait for more! :3
  • M
    What a super update for this game! Great job devs, you deserve a big pat on the back! It now runs beautifully on my iPad 4th gen. :) The only frame stutter I see now is when I occasionally eat one of those toxic mushrooms and it does all the crazy effects. But maybe that is intended. Other than that I'm just so glad I get to continue the big journey on iPad! By the way you did a good job hiding the animal friend in Green Lanterns, I can't find him hehe. Thanks for the fun, you get a big 5 stars from me! :)

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