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  • Last update: 1 year ago
  • Version: 3.15.1
  • Size: 73.4 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Bake450, Inc.
  • Content rating: Rated 9+ for the following:
  • Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
  • In-App Purchases:
  • 75 Meowbux $0.99
  • 20 Meowbux $1.99
  • 470 Meowbux $4.99
  • 150 Meowbux Offer $0.99
  • 90 Meowbux $1.99
  • 60 Meowbux $4.99
  • 230 Meowbux $4.99
  • 940 Meowbux Offer $4.99
  • Siamese $4.99
  • 150 Meowbux $9.99
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Bread Kittens Description


Take a journey into the world of Catlandia where innocent kittens are being brainwashed by the evil ChowCorp and held from their free will! Save and collect as many kittens as you can by breading them, travel through each region to find unique kittens, and bake delicious bread to wear on your cat to help in battles!

- Collect tons of RARE and UNIQUE kittens in every region!
- BREAD your favorite cat breed and try not to laugh!
- Unlock BREAD RECIPES to make your kittens STRONGER!
- Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL HD art and animations!
- Capture and NAME your own kitten!
- LEVEL UP your kittens to prepare for boss battles!

Only YOU can help and save them all from ChowCorp! Kittens are waiting!

- Available in English, Chinese, and Spanish with more languages coming soon!

Require iOS 5.0 and above to play.
Optimized for 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPod Touch and iPad

5/5 STARS - “Bread Kittens is hilarious! Our kids love this game so much!”

5/5 STARS - "It’s such a FUNNY game!. Bread your first cat and I bet you would laugh too!. And we’ve found a cat that looks just like ours! So EPIC!”

5/5 STARS - “WOW!! The art is amazing. Thought this was a silly game but turns out it’s extremely awesome!”

5/5 STARS - “LOL. This is such a fun and addicting game! The hundreds of cats are so RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. Love it!”

- FREE TO PLAY! (Limited Time)
- Play with your favorite kitten and rescue MANY more into your collection
- Fun, easy to play, and entertaining for all ages
- Beautiful HD art and animation to capture the experience
- Train your team to beat your opponents
- Earn TONS of achievements and earn in-game rewards
- Unlock NEW recipes to bread your kittens and give them a boost in battles!
- Each kittens has unique attack, health, and speed stats
- Capture all the Rare and Unique kittens to make your team undefeatable

Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you!
Twitter @bake450

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  • C
    Edit: So last year, I decided to write a review for this app. But while playing this game last year, I started thinking of new features that could be added. Thus, I discussed the topic of potential new features that could be supplied into the game with new updates, and completely ignored the actual purpose of putting a review; telling where the game was at it had it's finest gameplay experience and where it struggled to entertain you. So that's what I'm going to be covering in this review. If you aren't interested in my viewpoint on the game, as I mentioned before, below is my ideas to add new content to this game. Review: Breadkittens is a pretty straightforward game; defeat cats, boost your cats, catch cats. I'd played this game every year since I was 7 or 8 when I go to my grandparents. I like how it's kind of like Pokemon, but not a copy and paste of it. It has it's own unique features, and is a time consuming game. You see, my only two problems are that it's too short and not much to do after you beat the Panther. Basically, making the user delete the app or start over again. You should make it like Bread puppies, so it's at least a long game. So yea that's a pretty short review... Old Review: Well, this is my super long review. This game is not incredibly hard, but it can become frustrating at some points. Although, you will get past those points eventually. Leveling up for me is a breeze. Do elite battles to bonus everything. You get treats, XP, cat chow, flour, and sometimes meowbux. You also have the option to purchase meowbux, but like i said, it's optional. of Course, You might need to buy some to get all the cats, and make them unique if you want it to take about a week. Although, you should be able to invite friends from Game Center instead of Facebook. I have Game Center, I don't have Facebook, and there is also kids out there are begging for Facebook account to get access to the Sandcat, Mythicat, Leopard, And Pallas Cat. Of Course, You can by them with meowbux, you can buy the pallas cat or another rare cat at the beginning of the game, but don't speed up the bread in the baking tutorial. Currently, I Have lvl 60 Gray and Orange Munchkin, and a level 58 Cheetoh. I have 2 very rare cats (listed above) about 9 rare cats, And 20 uncommon, and well, 1 common cat (Oddeye). I do wish there was Heres some ideas.. Idea #1: Toaster I think there should be a bread booster thing (in the bakery) That you put your bread that wants to be boosted in it, And then add another, and if you want, another. Every extra bread put in it should cost 10 meowbux, and then click a button that says, "toast!" (Yep, the bread booster thing could be a toaster) and it would take the time of the breads baking (like if you combined the pizza and a taiyaki, you add both of their baking times up, then divide it by 2, which would be 10 hours to make the boosted bread) It would be nice if you added it, but you dont have to... Idea #2: Bakery Levels I Think you should add bakery levels, where it selects random cats from all over the game, (and a random 2 bosses for the boss, no bosses very rare+ bosses in normal levels) And then, They also wear bread! It would be so funny to see a cat wearing bread wearing capture bread...LOL. Idea #3: New Capture Breads Maybe capture bread that that it itself would multiply Capture chance 2.50? It could cost 20 Flour, and would be in the oven for 10 minutes! And for ten, it would cost 100 flour and would bake for and hour and 40 Minutes. But of course, Kare-pan and Taykia would not effect this bread, as that would be too good. And maybe add a pretzel would increase capture chance by 1.25x and unlock after Cane Island, that would be good for newer players capturing rare cats, as to battle the harder bosses And capture bosses to defeat other bosses. you know the loot drop or XP Boost? There should be a capture chance boost and it adds 25% to common to rare. so Uncommon would have 50% max, rare 35% or 40% max. Very rare+ would have their chance increased by 10% (very rare 12-14% or 16% max. Unique 11-12% max). Of course, these are just my crazy ideas. You dont have to add them. Idea #4: New Regions + New Rarity How about New Regions? I have an idea. If you have beaten all the Regions, and you have the Mythicat, you will be able to go to a mysterious cloud region, which you gain entry by having Mythicat on your team and clicking a huge cloud with houses on the region selection. Or, maybe, how about add a new rarity? A master rarity maybe, color is yellow. They would have a 0.5% capture rate max, to give players a challenge. They would be also all elusive, expect the boss of the cloud region, to make them even more special. 375 Meowbux for adoption or lucky Bread. Thank You for wasting about a minute of your life on my comment. You are welcome :3
  • Ij
    I'm just a lonely potato (-;
    Hey people! I'm guessing you came to the reviews to see if this is a game you'd enjoy. I personally find this game amazing!! I am a warriors fan so I like to rank the cats by level, so lvl 1-4 is a kit, 5-9 apprentice, and 10+ is warrior! Whichever cat gets to twenty first gets to be leader, ask for every 10 levels is a life, so at level 110 is their final life and they must quit their occupation of leader, and will not be used again, proceeding to become an elder, their deputy becoming leader. The new leader can also level up 90 times before their leadership expires, continuing the chain. A deputy must be atleast level 15 and has "trained" one apprentice. I just send out the two cats and the mentor attacks the enemy just enough to that the apprentice can have the last hit, or I pretend they catch the cat with the bread. As the apprentice levels up, they become a warrior, and the mentor can then either move onto a new apprentice or stay without one. I just pretend the bread you can make in the bakery is what they eat and I have a special cat assigned to making bread, and I also have a medicine cat who tends to the injured cats after battles. I pretend the cat food is herbs lol... Well, this game is very fun and it *obviously* sparks my creativity. I really recommend if you are a fan of warriors or just like cats in general. Although, there are some minor glitches and disadvantages, but I make my way around them.
  • s
    Honestly, this game is awesome (along with bread puppies). My bff introduced me to it and we not couldn’t stop playing for HOURS when we had to get off our phones we still couldn’t stop talking about it! The game’s very child friendly and I totally recommend it to anyone who loves cats, or just wants to get an app they want to be addicted to. My highest level cat rn is 24 and is about to be level 25 but I’m trying to focus on my cats that aren’t very high on their levels (my lowest is level nine) I want to say SO much more but it would probably be a novel so, you know. If you like cats, capturing games, or anything like that, THIS IS THE GAME FOR U!! K byeee

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