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  • Last update: 10 months ago
  • Version: 1.0
  • Compatibility: 4.0 and up
  • Author: SFTEAM
  • Content rating: All ages
  • Package name: air.SSTCGO2
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SSTCGO - Army of the Gods Description


SSTCGO [Sacred Soldier Tactic Card Game Online] is an Indie-fanmade, free for all, multiplayer and online game created as a tribute to a popular series, featuring an old-school feeling. It was created "from zero", and completely designed by us, (and everything paid by our pockets) the SFTeam (With only ONE main programmer). Original SSTCGO was launched on 2009, and the project started on 2007.SSTCGO 2 : Army of The Gods is the hardest and the most ambitious project of the humble staff of SFTeam. Probably our last project, because of life/economic issues. Our last shot; life or death. We've worked for months (Maybe years) continuously on this. Please, support us; we're kinda mad!!!Features
• Battle against other online members of the world.
• Its a fully-automatized Battle Card Game.(Not a simple Virtual Card Deck)
• Now completely in English language.
• Original rules and gameplay remains.
• Rules were revised and changed in order to improve the system.
• The game was programmed from zero again.
• Countless in-game improvements.
• Each technique now has individual animations.
• High level particle-animations.
• Bugs tending to ZERO. (Limits, limits everywhere)
• Original Storyline. (Yes, another spin-off)
• Fully playable on Mobile OS (Android, IOS, Windows 8, PC) .
• Saint's individual Command menu. (New Actions)
• Fully Customizable Deck Construction.
• Three Slots for decks.
• "Legendary Soldiers" that "evolve" with experience. (Some RPG features).
• 9 all-new Legendary Soldiers (14 Legendary in total)
• In-Game chat and Profile.
• In-game Album and Card Database.
• Initially more than 400 cards! . (Expansions will be added).
• ANYONE can buy boosters and goods by only playing.
• Featuring Classic SS, Lost Canvas and Omega Universes.
• Random Battle System by ranks.
• Focused into touch screen devices. (Classic mouse-keyboard input are also supported) .
• Registering also gives you an account to online forum in order to join game's community and te chance to be part of Tournaments or Championships.Important
SFteam has a total of 3 members, BloodCrisis (project Leader), KillerGod (programmer), Willytox (Graphic Designer).I want to be clear, we are not a ‘company’ , we have no employees, do not have facilities , we haven’t even got a good internet connection or a current generation PC , we live in a house in a humble neighborhood, working in not related stuff and finishing our college’s degree .We are individuals, like you, like your friends or your family, just fans of the series and compulsive dreamers. To the extent that we sacrifice, money, time and energy this project. We are aware that we can not compare with any company or any of its existent products, because everything we do is ‘home-made’. Anyway there is no turning back now. But keep in mind that, we take long because we are FEW.*Original Site:
*Official Forum:

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