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  • Last update: 3 years ago
  • Version: 3.0.2
  • Size: 3.51M
  • Compatibility: 4.1 and up
  • Author: 김지섭_
  • Content rating: Everyone
  • Package name: com.kimjisub.launchpad
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UniPad - launchpad Review

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UniPad is a mobile app that lets you quickly create your music up to 8 tracks controlling volume and various filter switches. It simulates the look and some of the functionality of the real launchpad controller, but still differs a bit from the origin. So if you're looking to try a real Dj’s role, then UniPad is the right app for you.  

Functionality 5/5
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With UniPad everything is simple. You open the app, pick a song and start modifying it and play own version. The app’s appliance system allows you to play any kind of music you want and there lots of songs available to choose from. As in the real launchpad, you will find in UniPad lots of various control options that all have different functions and can change your song significantly in some ways.

There are such options available like Filter, FX sections, Volume, Autoplay as well as some options for recording and a feature that shows button press. Moreover, UniPad supports colorful LED which looks extremely cool and makes the music playing process even more exciting.

Also, if you’re not sure how to play a particular song, there is an autoplay feature that will help you to understand how the things work pretty fast. In addition to all the cool features that UniPad has, it gives you an opportunity to connect a real launchpad. The mk2, mkS and some of other high power models are supported.

So, to make some music happen all you need to do is start tapping buttons and create loops while layering up to 8 tracks at a time that you want. Keep in mind that each track has six slots of samples.

Design 4/5

Graphically the app doesn’t look as good as its competitors. The UniPad’s design is simple and doesn’t have anything interesting in it. The app’s interface looks just like the hardware version of a real launchpad but with additional buttons from both sides. The button grid of the app contains eight rows of eight buttons, used to create the samples and loops. There are three buttons at the right side for adjusting the Filter, Volume, and FX sections. From the left side you will find five more switchers for showing auto press, turning on or off LED support, Autoplay, start a Record order or just a regular recording.  

Making your sample track couldn’t be easier. The interface is pretty straightforward, so creating a new track won’t confuse you even for the first time. Everything is quite understandable. The UniPad app comes with such installed modes like Drum & Bass, Breaks, Hip Hop, Dubstep, House and others. So you are given the option to select your choice depending on the musical style.

Usability 4.5/5

UniPad is a perfect app to play around with. It has lots of interesting features as well as a straightforward interface that will be entirely understandable to anybody. It’s also nice that UniPad has a recording function which lets you save your compositions and load your own samples to the app.

To start creating your track you just need to tap a few buttons on the launchpad and after selecting a few of the many options, you will notice how the overall piece begins to form, and your track sounds almost done. You repeat sounds, drop the bass and mute the track so that the process feels like a creation of the real music and not like putting sound combinations together.

Cross-platform use 4/5

UniPad will run on any device that has Android 4.1 or later. Unfortunately, the developer hasn’t launched a version for iOS users yet but it might be in plans.

In-app purchases

UniPad is free of charge, and this is one of the reasons why this app is a great way for users to feel how the real launchpad works and become more familiar with the djing music world. However, the app has some advertisements that might distract you while you’re using the app. Therefore, the app offers you to remove any ads for $ 0.99 per month.


UniPad helps you create own tracks from any songs of your choice that you can find in the app. The UniPad app is so easy to use that it won’t take long for you to realize how to manage it and you will likely just grab your phone and sit on the couch for hours enjoying from playing like a real Dj. This app might be not a “real life” practical application, but it still will give you lots of fun including a wide range of various launchpad’s features.

In UniPad you can choose loops and effects that go well together in combinations and create something that you will unstoppably listen to and instantaneously shake your head. Don’t you want just to press buttons and watch how good music is being created in front of your eyes? So if you’re interested in making a good sound, this app is for you.




UniPad is simple to pick up and use, has lots of various features and will be a perfect app for those music lovers who likes to create good unique tracks by themselves.

Pros : nice and simple interface;
built-in autoplay;
LED support;
two recording options available;

Cons : plain design;
lack of ability to share your performances;
distracting ads;

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.4


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  • In what category the UniPad game is listed?

    You can find the game in a Music category.

  • Can I play online in UniPad?

    No, you can’t do it. But it is a space for improving the game.

  • Where can I find UniPad Android?

    You can find it on Google Play.

  • Does the UniPad iOS version exist?

    Not yet.

  • Is UniPad APK free?

    Yes, you can get it for free.

  • For what should I UniPad install?

    The game was designed to have a lot of fun. As developers said: “It is a new form of rhythm game based on the Launchpad”.

  • Does the game offer in-app purchases?

    Yes, the UniPad free game contains additional in-app purchases.

  • On what other platforms can I download UniPad?

    Now, there is only an Android version.

  • What is the game’s size?

    The UniPad’s latest version weighs 4.8MB.

  • Where should I write to report about UniPad not working?

    You should write directly to the developers. The contact you can find on the official game’s site.


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