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  • Last update: 4 years ago
  • Version: 7.2.0
  • Size: 98.97M
  • Compatibility: 4.1 and up
  • Author: Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
  • Content rating: Rated for 3+
  • Package name: com.rovio.angrybirds
  • Last update: 11 years ago
  • Version: 7.8.0
  • Size: 159 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Rovio Entertainment Ltd
  • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
  • In-App Purchases:
  • Mighty Eagle $0.99
  • Shockwave Tiny Pack $0.99
  • New Shockwave Small Pack $1.99
  • Small All-in-One Power-Up Bundle $1.99
  • Birdquake Small Pack $1.99
  • Medium All-in-One Power-Up Bundle $3.99
  • New Birdquake Small Pack $1.99
  • New Shockwave Medium Pack $3.99
  • Shockwave Small Pack $3.99
  • New Mighty Eagle $1.99
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Angry Birds: Let ’Em Fly! Review

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Angry Birds is a hit game that started one of the largest franchises to ever come from a mobile game; its interesting gameplay, cartoon graphics and humor filled story were the main reasons for the massive success of the game.

Players need to use the roster of birds to kill the evil green pigs to progress through the levels of the game and reclaim the eggs that were stolen from the feathered buddies. Each avian in the game is unique and there are a large number of levels to complete.

Angry Birds was first released in 2009 for iOS before being ported to Android in 2010; the game kickstarted a multi-million dollar franchise which has evolved into a movie, books and a large number of games.

Graphics 8/10
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Angry Birds uses a simple cartoon-style which is attractive for all ages; the bright colors make the worlds interesting and the developers have done well to separate the background from the gameplay area. Each world in the game has a different background which blends in nicely to make them all unique without distracting the player.

There are over 600 levels in the game which are spread across a large number of chapters and worlds; each chapter has a unique theme which affects the design of each world. New fledglings are introduced across different chapters; every chick in the game has a special ability and looks different which makes it obvious which ability the bird has.

Players don't need to be concerned about the user interface in the game; it's relatively clear and smooth to use. The only real issue is that there's no explanation of the user interface and the player must try to understand each element on their own.

Gameplay 8/10

Angry Birds is an interesting puzzle game that features gameplay that stands out among other flicks in this genre; players must kill the green pigs by flicking the different birds at their base. In theory, this is pretty straightforward but the pigs are protected by materials of different strengths and can be placed in tricky positions on the map.

The birds are shot using a catapult and each level has a set order for the birds; the player is given the right fowl for the level and only have a small number to complete it with. After flicking a birdie, it's possible to see the trajectory line for the previous bird which can be used to help the player determine the right angle for the next avian.

Each bird in the game is different and most have a special ability which is activated by tapping the screen; each of the birds has their own purpose which makes the game quite strategic. Just like the avian variety, there are several types of pigs also. The pigs have different hardness levels in accordance with their size and what they're wearing, smaller pigs are much easier to kill, which means players need to be more careful when dealing with larger, armored pigs.

It's possible to kill the pigs in numerous ways; they can die when hit by a bird but it's also possible to manipulate the objects into killing them. This means there are a host of strategies to complete each level in the game and players are not forced to only use one path.

Physics plays a big role in the game and it's possible to crush enemy pigs by removing the support columns for the 2D structures that form a base for the pigs. The bird's trajectory path is determined by the games physics which work realistically and consistently.

The level is considered complete when the pigs have been eliminated and the player loses if they run out of birds without killing all of the pigs; all levels in the game can be replayed which means there is no penalty for losing a level.

Points are scored for damaging structures, killing pigs and the amount of unused birds left over. These points are used to calculate how many stars the player has earned for that level, there are a maximum of three per level and players can replay them as much as they like to increase their overall star count.

Controls 7/10

The controls in Angry Birds are comparatively easy, players use the touch screen to direct which direction they want to fling their birds. It works like a virtual catapult, the player needs to drag their finger back to aim their bird at the enemy pigs; players have full control over the angle of their shot by moving their finger up as they pull the bird back on the catapult.

The level is only shown to the player in a small portion unless they scroll out; the level is shown in a scrolling style and the player can check it the positioning and distance of the pigs at any time.

For new players, the user interface is going to be somewhat confusing for a little while; many of the options are not explained and players will need to explore the in-game menu for themselves which is done by pressing the "pause" button. It is also possible to restart the level by going into the menu, this is useful for players who want to complete a level using as few birds as possible.

Replay Value 9/10

There is a lot of replay value in this game and as a bonus, the device doesn't need to have a Wi-Fi connection in order to play; this makes it a good game to play while traveling or in locations without internet access.

Players have over 600 levels to complete in the game and each level uses a 3-star rating system that encourages players to return to each level. In addition to this, each level can be completed in different ways which gives players a reason to return to each level at a later date to explore the different options available.

While there is a lot of content in the game; the gameplay is still the same for each level. Some levels have an added gimmick which makes them more interesting but in the end, there is some repetition to this game. The repetitive gameplay only becomes apparent after playing the game for an extensive period of time; the gameplay is still pleasant which makes this easy to overlook.

The Bottom Line

This puzzle game is definitely worth its reputation and Rovio Entertainment still supports the original game; the game is based on a relatively simple idea which quickly requires the player to become more strategic in their moves.

Players of this game can expect to be entertained for quite some time and once the game is finally completed, there are plenty of others in the series to download which feature the same addictive gameplay.





It's easy to see why Angry Birds was so highly rated when it was first released; even several years later this game is still amazing and feels different to other games in the puzzle genre. The simple catapult idea works well, it creates a casual game that also allows players to be strategic with their moves.

Pros : Lots of levels to complete;
High replay value.

Cons : Intrusive advertisement;
User Interface is a little confusing for new players.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 3.5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.0


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    Update game and now I can't find it anywhere. Angry birds pop is the name of game. Thanks
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      @Marie lebih baik aqu sendiri dari pada bersama org gk jlas
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    it is very interesting game
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    it will not load been playing for years now boom black screen I was in tourments eveyweek
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    Harsha bhoite
    2 years ago
    how to activate the full version of angry birds game.
  • Hb
    Harsha bhoite
    2 years ago
    how to activate full version of angry birds game on pc.
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