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Final Fantasy IV review

Final Fantasy has a rich history. It was initially released in 1987 and stunned the public with its gameplay and graphics. Final Fantasy is a touching and captivating game that has stood the test of time.

Speaking of Final Fantasy IV, its original release happened in 1991, and it was a significant event for a Nintendo-based blockbuster. But how does it work on iOS and Android devices now?

Graphics 3,5/5

Final Fantasy IV undergoes some improvements of visuals and music over its DS predecessor. The battle screens have detailed and complete characters’ versions in a side-view perspective. The remixed songs from the classic Nobuo Uematsu soundtrack sou

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nd great.

The 3D models look chunky. You notice that when the action zooms in on the character models in all their rough-edged, simple-textured malformation. But when you zoom out, Final Fantasy IV looks quite well due to its timeless cutesy art style.

Gameplay 4,5/5

In Final Fantasy games, you have to control the characters as they progress through the gameplay by exploring the territories and beating the enemies.

In Final Fantasy IV, you become Cecil, a Dark Knight of Baron, who is a distinguished captain of the dauntless Red Wings airship fleet. Cecil can’t stand the crimes like robbery and murder he and his people have to commit, so he doubts between devotion to the King and own sense of honor.

After Cecil receives an order to kill off a village of summoners, he decides to atone for his sins and stop the King’s iniquity. He uncovers lots of sinister evil, meets new friends along the way, and travels around the world to save it from annihilation. 

Final Fantasy IV is heavily driven by narrative. The story itself touches upon the issues of genocide, treachery, redemption, and sacrifice. The developers have always paid attention to the dramatic plot and characters’ evolution.

The game features 12 characters, and only 5 are available to your party at a time. The characters often join and leave you, sometimes, forever. You’ll experience lots of twists, unexpected turnabouts, and somewhat profound moments, which are exciting even nearly 30 years after the moment the story was first told.

The battles are turn-based. Every character in Final Fantasy IV has a predetermined class you can’t change. But those who come and leave your party can transfer augments, items that can bestow the character's special ability to another character. That helps you to customize things, but all in all, the augment system is rather unnecessary.

Controls 4/5

Final Fantasy IV has high playability due to the precise and fluid touch controls. You’ll play using the virtual joystick. It comes out wherever you tap, providing a perfect flexibility, and helps you move around the locations.

The touch controls are less precise than a real joystick, so there’s an alert feature available while you explore something. You’ll see an exclamation point above the character’s head, indicating an item or another character you might need to investigate. That makes your search for items in pots, grass, and other hard-to-reach places less exhausting than in previous parts of the game.

The touch-based revamp of the menu system in Final Fantasy IV, and Final Fantasy III are alike. It makes the touch-based navigation more convenient. Nevertheless, the menu navigation is a little clumsy during the battles where the characters with a lot of spells participate. To avoid this, you can use the “Auto-battle” mode and command customization.

Replay Value 4/5

You’ll spend at least 40 hours to complete the game if you’re an advanced player. I was playing the game over a week, and there’s still much to do. Final Fantasy IV motivates you to explore the map and all its secrets and doesn’t annoy you with constant signposting and overstuffed tutorials.

If you’ve already played any other part of Final Fantasy, you’ll recognize the extending world map forming the hub of your voyages. You can explore it on foot or use the vehicles as soon as they’re available. There are lots of possibilities to reveal, and if you need to experience something slightly fresher, you can try out another part of the game whenever you want.

In-app purchases

There are no in-app purchases in the Final Fantasy IV game. Anyway, you’ll have to pay for this game before installing it.


Final Fantasy IV has several drawbacks, but they won’t outshine the essence of the game. The gameplay, character development, and pacing are worth downloading it and paying money. The best thing is that now the game is available for a wider audience.

There are lots of RPGs with best possible graphics, but feeling unfinished and depthless on smartphones and tablets. While playing Final Fantasy IV, you’ll understand why it was, and still is, a classic. I recommend you to download it to see why.



Though Final Fantasy IV may not be the best version of the game, it’s something you have to try if you’re an RPG fan and need a memorable experience. It’s a game worth keeping with you wherever you go.

Pros : Wow, such nostalgia, much charm;
Improved graphics and sound;
No ads and in-app purchases;
The plot is endearingly straightforward;
Deeply emotional portrayals.

Cons : Clumsy menu navigation during the battles;
The augment system feels tacked on.

Graphics 3.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 4.0

Average : 4.0

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