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  • Version: 0.7.8
  • Compatibility: 4.0 and up
  • Author: Lunime
  • Content rating: TeenSuggestive Themes
  • Package name:
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Gachaverse:  A Game For Anime And RPG Fans Review

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Gachaverse is an anime RPG fighting game where you can customize your character very thoroughly and make unique stories. The game is made by Lunime Studio, who also produced a similar game Gacha Studio. The main difference is that Gachaverse has a very engaging plot. You can download Gachaverse for your Android device for free.  

Graphics 4.5/5
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The graphics are 2D anime-styled. The color choices are very successful because every detail looks gorgeous. And trust us, Gachaverse provides a lot of the content. Albeit 2D graphics, you’re not going to find even 2 items that will look similar. The design is actually very enjoyable. Yet be prepared to deal with some performance issues if your device is old. In most cases, the lagging can be solved by restarting the game.

Gameplay 5/5

The game starts with you as a Gacha Summoner whose duty is to save the Kingdom and destroy the evil lurking around. A former hero Gacha king was corrupted. You’re the chosen one given a legendary Gacha Sword to defeat him. A beautiful girl named Vii will help you along the way, explaining all the details of gameplay and the history of the world.

Gachaverse has a lot to drive the story. You will see multiple text bubbles on the screen both with the questions and the answers. There’s going to be a lot of fights where you may use different strategies to succeed. For now, Gachaverse has following modes: Survival, Arena, Raid, Tower, Challenge, and Training.

Apparently, Gachaverse received the best from another game by Lunime — Gacha Studio. Customize your summoner’s appearance; choose from various weapons, outfits, haircuts, and other features. If you’re bored of the default background, change it to the one you like. Another awesome feature of the game — you can create your own stories, using the same mighty customization tools.

Controls 5/5

There’s not so much one can say about the controls of an Android game like this. You’re not going to get confused because they’re relatively simple to get used to. Of course, the system differs depending on whether you are in a story mode or in a customization mode. The users usually mention the controls as the strong point of the game in their Gachaverse reviews.

Replay Value 5/5

Gachaverse is really at the hot peak right now. The developers are working hard to provide new content and fix the bugs. They are constantly implementing new game modes, possibilities for microtransactions for real money. Moreover, they communicate with the audience and listen to advise from the players. That’s why Gachaverse has a high replay value. The game is a solid material now but also consistently improving which makes it even better.

The Bottom Line

The game doesn’t have serious flaws, its community is quite broad and terrifically creative (just watch the whole movies and cartoons people make in this game). The graphics and controls are decent, there’s an abundance of the content. Lunime Studio is really supportive and willing to give their audience the best experience possible. If you’re into anime and RPG fighting, give it a try downloading Gachaverse onto your smartphone.



Grab this game if you’re a fan of anime, dress-ups, and fighting. Gachaverse is one of the best in this genre.

Pros : colorful appealing graphics;
free of charge;
an interesting plot;
a very detailed customization process.

Cons : lags on the old devices;
no save option.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 5.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.9

Rating Distribution

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  • Where can I download Gachaverse game for mobile?

    You can download Gachaverse game for your mobile platform from official app stores. Go to iTunes to download Gachaverse game for iOS platform and Google Play store for Gachaverse Android.

  • Is there only a Gachaverse play online mode?

    No, you don’t actually need Wi-Fi connection as there are offline options as well. You need an Internet only to download the game and in case you want to share your results with others.

  • Is there a Gachaverse Windows version for PC?

    Yes, Gachaverse game is available for PC on Windows system. You can download it from the official Gachaverse website for free. However, you need to know, that this version is only a demo. The original Gachaverse was made for mobile platforms.

  • What are the requirements of Gachaverse iOS game?

    The game is free to download. You can do it from the official app store for iOS owners, the iTunes. You may already have it on your iPhone. The game requires 8.0 iOS system on your phone and at least 152.2 MB of empty space to start the downloading process. It is compatible with iPod touch and iPad, as well.

  • How to download Gachaverse apk on Android?

    You can download Gachaverse apk for your Android on the official app store Google Play. If you don’t want to search for the game there, press the Get App button which you can see above, on this page. It will send you directly to the Gachaverse on Google Play. But before you will press the Download button, make sure your Android system is 4.0 or higher and you have at least 94M of free space on your smartphone. You also need to stay connected to the Internet during the process.

  • How long does it take to finish Gachaverse install process?

    Since you don’t have to create your personal account to play the game, and you don’t have to stay online, it does not take too much time. You will be asked to give several permissions to the app on your phone, and that’s all. Make sure you have fast Wi-Fi.

  • Do torrents also offer Gachaverse free download?

    Apparently, numerous torrents offer you free download. There are multiple sources that will offer you the same. However, since the game is free you may find it on the official stores without paying anything at all.

  • Is Gachaverse free game?

    Yes, Gachaverse is a completely free game. It means the game may contain numerous ads. But don’t worry you will get used to them quickly. The game offers in-app purchases as well. For example, you may buy Gachaverse Bundle for $4.99. Developers of the game promise that they will add more options in the nearest future.

  • Is there Gachaverse download option at this website?

    No, this website does not offer download options. At the meantime, we can offer you the direct link to the downloading page of the game on the app store of your platform. This option is hidden behind the Get App button.

  • What can I do if Gachaverse is not working?

    If Gachaverse game does not work on your phone, you need to check settings on your phone. If the game meets all requirements, it may be a glitch. Try to reload the phone again. Open and close the game. If it still does not work, contact the support team on Gachaverse official website.

  • Where can I download Gachaverse latest version?

    You can download Gachaverse latest version from the same page on the same app store where you have downloaded the original game. Check it from time to time to follow the recent updates.

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