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  • Last update: 9 months ago
  • Version: 1.0.11
  • Size: 206 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: 10tons Ltd
  • Content rating: Rated 12+ for the following:
  • Languages: English
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An eminent 10tons Entertainment is well-known for their previous cult game Crimsonland. Nevertheless, their next sensational game with full 3D graphics is Neon Chrome.

Neon Chrome is another outstanding cyberpunk shooter with “RPG” elements for mobile that has a lot to offer. This is kind of game where you can have genuine fun and rewards in your first few hours of playing, meanwhile get lots of interest and form some long-term goals.

It’s always enjoyable to get an actual fun and engaging roguelite as Neon Chrome. Even though it's not perfect, it's better than the average shooting game. It combines well-planned strategy with the variety of accessible weapons and abilities, which you can unlock with randomly generated levels.

Graphics 5/5

The graphics of Neon Chrome distinguishes this game apart from all other shooters. 10tons wanted to create a top-down shooter in full 3D which would be mostly from “top-down perspective”. They made a simple, semi-realistic art style that looks good on both large and small screens and has vibrant colors.

There are already a lot of games that are made in a truly dystopian look. Therefore dark colors that you can mostly see on the screen are because of the gloomy impact of a dystopia. So what indeed improves the graphics and suits the game is a contrast: almost everything you shoot or use has some neon light on it. It’s easy to recognize these bright spots from the background and you can determine your targets even in total darkness.

Another prominent advantage of this game is the environment, which is completely destructible and makes the game vastly more dynamic. Also colorful and vibrant surroundings make this game a pleasure to play and to admire it from an artistic perspective.

Gameplay 4.5/5

In Neon Chrome you can expect hours of chaotic and destructive fun while fighting your way up through the various floors to the decent awards.

You start every life from picking a new character among five random classes to control. Those five classes that can be generated vary in abilities that let you enhance your physical combat skills, increase your strength or give you some gadgets to simplify the game.

As you progress through each life, you earn credits which can be used to either upgrade your base stats or spend it on previously found gear to set yourself up for your next run. Planning your stats build, using reactionary and effective strategies and picking the right equipment in preparing for the upcoming boss will represent to you new features of different characters every time.

Neon Chrome has you fighting through floors full of various rooms and obstacles. Each set of floors has a boss. The first three are being unique and the fourth is a variation on one of the previous three. You can start your next run on each floor only after you’ve killed the boss. During the game you will try to unlock some items that you can find only on specific levels. Those elements will be especially practical for you while passing the last floor with the scariest boss.

Once you do finally make it to the top and finish a run, you can expand Neon Chrome by starting a new game with extended potential and features that make your enemies stronger and the rewards harder to get.

Controls 4/5

This game has elevated availability for mobiles, perhaps due to changes that were brought to make the game work on touch screen devices. Having played the PC version of the Neon Chrome, I came into the mobile version with some familiarity. I feel like it is much easier on mobile. But even 10tons admits: because of the slower velocity and the easier way to sustain the game, the mobile version adapts the game more properly.

The controls on mobile in comparison to the PC version are simplified and work pleasantly. 10tons switched a dual-stick control board with 3 action buttons: one for firing, "special weapon" and for melee as well as a reload and use buttons. A virtual joystick in the left corner moves your character around. Another joystick button in the right section is for aiming and shooting. Just tap and fire.

Moreover you don’t need to focus for meeling anymore, simply tap the button and it hits whatever is close to you. Auto-aim is on by default, but you can turn it off if you prefer. Reloading has its own switch.

An optional "special weapon" key was also added to the virtual joystick, which allows you to target by touching and dragging from the center of the screen while your weapons are being frozen. Thus all these helps you to aim accurately for enemies and make the game easy playable. But agree: to make this game available on a touch screen, 10tons had to lose something.

Replay Value 5/5

As a roguelite game, Neon Chrome has a notable re-playability right from the beginning. It takes a lot of time to beat the game at once. But when you’re done with it, a "New Game +" mode is automatically unlocked. It makes the difficulty higher and the rewards more valuable. I know a few people who came anywhere close to unlocking all of the game's abilities and finding all of its secret rooms, so there's plenty of everything to keep yourself up continually busy.


The most of rogue-likes games don’t make a balance of disappointment and excitement. Neon Chrome does. 10tons created an uncommon balance of the appearing a desire to experience obstacles and feel relieved after receiving the award. Even a quick run will let you set yourself up for the next level. You will die, start over and get a failure again, but even if you don’t make it to the final boss on your first run, you’ll always be rewarded. You will always want to keep trying.

Neon Chrome is not that game where you can simply take the experience you get from each death and put it into practice at randomly generated floors. It will not make your actions automatic for passaging new game levels till the endgame.

Neon chrome is something contrary, which is determined by many factors and makes the outcome.







Neon Chrome creates those memorable experiences that all gamers genuinely want to achieve.

Pros : balances reward and frustration very well;

lots to unlock and level up;

Cons : map design: the details as windows aren’t exactly clear, so it takes a time to recognize what they are;

Average :

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