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  • Version:
  • Compatibility: 6.0 and up
  • Author: Dual Decade
  • Content rating: TeenViolence, Blood
  • Package name: com.wereviz.evolution
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One Hour One Life - Pencil drawn Far Cry Primal? Review

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One Hour One Life is a mobile game, in which you have to survive the harshness of the primitive life. Fight the hunger. Fend off wild beasts. And raise babies or be a baby yourself.

If you make it to 60 years, you'll be a champion. But you won't. Not until you try for the 8th time in a row probably. Hunger, wilderness and lousy people lurk everywhere... By downloading One Hour One Life, you will challenge yourself. For a primitive life is the toughest survival game.

Graphics 5/5
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One Hour One Life is by far the most original cookie in the jar. Its art style resembles a sketchbook filled with colorful pencil drawings. However, such an adorable aesthetic is treacherous. The visuals set a peaceful mood, which collides with the ruthless gameplay, thus creating cognitive dissonance in your head.

The game was designed by Jason Rohrer. And as a true one-man band he sculpted all the effects out of nothing. For example, the sounds that illustrate actions are mouth-produced - just like in beatboxing. Luckily they are minimalistic and escape from being an acoustic nuisance.

The decorations, including trees, mud walls, crop fields etc. are mostly static. But the life in them is nicely kindled by the animated flames, floating ladybugs and of course your avatar's movement - somewhat cute, clumsy running.

All in all OHOL feels like a beautifully drawn novel for kids, only its interactive and has a serious message: survive whatever it takes you.

Gameplay 5/5

Time flies they say. Maybe in our reality, it has seagull wings for that purpose. But in OHOL it gets its own F-35 fighter-jet. One minute counts as one year and your ultimate goal is to make it to an age of 60. What is heart-breaking though, there will be no jubilant birthday party at the end. Only a death of starvation.

Hunger is your №1 enemy in this game - incessantly you'll be hearing the alarm sound, warning you that it's time to have a snack. If only it was easy to find that cursed snack.

In the game, you spawn either as a child or a mother, who is meant to look after a child. And surprise: both are real people playing online. It means if you appear as a toddler, an actual person will be responsible for nourishing and protecting you.

Apart from food hunting, you'll also need to:

  • Build structures: Adobe Oven, Mud Fence etc.
  • Compose medications.
  • Craft tools and weaponry: arrows, bows, baskets etc.
  • Forge metal thingies.
  • Domesticate wild cubs.

It's stunning how every impact you produce upon the in-game world becomes permanent. And everything you managed to create, conquer or steal from the neighbors, will be used by the future generations of players.

Anyhow you can assume the bad guy's role as well and sabotage your/neighboring tribe's evolvement for your own pleasure. And it has consequences: hundreds of babies will be doomed to die if you decide to ravage their food depository.

But be warned: karma isn't dormant and as a result, you can die miserably all alone because there will be no one around to aid you in the moment of distress.

Controls 4/5

At first, it feels like you can run and frolic by tapping & choosing the direction. The same goes to resource gathering and eating food takes a swipe up.

But later it becomes harder: when you need to combine two items, you need to do pressing on one and swiping on the other simultaneously.

Replay Value 5/5

OHOL is wild addictive - you can't reject an idea of leaving a lasting mark on this cute primitive world. Besides the author hinted that there would be more technological eras to unlock and the game will be updated weekly.


Hopefully this One Hour One Life review persuaded you to give it a try. It's definitely unique, uncommon, bizarre, phenomenal and even emotional. Yes, it does play with your feelings as well, because some of the dilemmas you've dealt with in this game, like leaving your "kid" to die alone, will haunt you afterward.



Download One Hour One Life to try and survive in the world, where a hut made of dirt is worthier than a golden palace.

Pros : Unique art style;
Fresh co-op;
Evil/good behavior duality;
High difficulty;
Unique chat

Cons : Easy to die;
Tricky controls;
No free version

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.8


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