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  • Last update: 6 years ago
  • Version: 1.5.21
  • Compatibility: 2.1 and up
  • Content rating: Teen
  • Package name: com.eamobile.sims3_na_qwf
  • Last update: 5 years ago
  • Version: 1.3.155
  • Size: 134 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Electronic Arts
  • Content rating: Rated 12+ for the following:
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
  • In-App Purchases:
  • Night Out Live It Set $0.99
  • Night Out Wear It Set $0.99
  • Prank Pack $0.99
  • Sims in Space Live It Set $0.99
  • Vampires & Werewolves Wear It Set $0.99
  • Campus Life Wear It Set $0.99
  • Castle Live It Set $0.99
  • Gothic Wear It Set $0.99
  • Vampires & Werewolves Live It Set $0.99
  • Campus Life Live It Set $0.99
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The Sims 3 Review

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The Sims 3 has come to mobile and got everything you love about this game. You can create the characters, house and garden, visit other people’s houses and make new friends.

Plus, The Sims 3 is the first Sims game that doesn’t require the internet to play. You can take your Sims with you anywhere, having fun and unlocking new goals and wishes to help your characters reach their full potential.

Graphics 4/5
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Considering the size of the screen, the graphics are great. Zoom and rotation controls are smooth, character models are on the large side, and both interior and exterior environments are decent. However, I wish I could see more enthusiasm in the design of the exterior environments as they are kind of stale and tepid.

The game doesn’t have any voice acting, and the majority of music are during menu screens. Although there are some environmental noises like a bird chirping, the sound design left much to be desired. So, the sound is probably the game’s biggest flaw and a missing component.

Gameplay 4,5/5

The Sims 3 replicates a microcosm under your direct command. You will make friends, get jobs, cook meals, repair stuff, and do a bunch of other things to keep your Sim occupied until the end of the day. It’s always up to you to decide who your Sim will become based on various choices you make throughout the game. The game is open ended with a myriad of possibilities at your disposal, so the ultimate goal is to be a person you want to be.

But let’s get back to the beginning. The Sims 3 starts with a solid Sim creator where you choose the gender and general appearance of your character. Plus, you can craft its personality through the selection of both positive and negative traits and the assumption of a persona. The persona is a guide for your character that gives you as much structure for the game as you need. Each persona has lifetime wishes which you aim to satisfy, such as watching three people sleep if you choose to be a creep.

Beyond that, your Sim has smaller wishes every single day like wanting a promotion at work, or acquiring a new recipe. Choosing to accomplish a certain goal gives a constant stream of mini-goals that keep the game moving forward.

There are almost 75 wishes in the game, and if you manage to satisfy all of them, you will unlock a criminal career option and the ability to buy a car. To finish all these wishes, you will likely have to play for about 12 hours, but that's only if you move from one wish to the next like a tiger. I don’t see how it can be enjoyable treating the game as a checklist. It’s much more satisfying when you just let things happen and see what this “micro-life” throws at your character.

In addition to appearance and personality, you have to create a house. You start with a small house and some essential stuff like a shower, toilet, and fridge. At the end of your fifth game day, you can buy a place for $1000. As you earn money, you can buy new items like beds, stoves, and computers.

You can customize everything you buy with different colors, so they match your personal taste. When it comes time to place the items in your house, a simple grid shows where you can put them. Green color indicates available space, which removes the unnecessary guesswork out of the equation.

Of course, you can’t buy anything without money. To earn money, you need a job. There are four career options in the town: politics, business, biology, and culinary. To get a job, you just have to report to the career's associated building or go to the restaurant for culinary. Once you accept the gig, you must keep heading back to that building for your scheduled shift to keep your job and get paid daily.

And don’t forget about social encounters because it may become your favorite part of the game. Your town is full of other characters, each with their own personalities. To have a chat with them, you simply walk up to another Sim around town or in front of their house. Then, a menu appears around you and the other Sim that offers you a handful of conversation topics, such as romance or humor. Once you choose a topic, you have specific actions like telling a joke or flirting. The other Sim reaction to your actions affects your relationship.

When you first meet another Sim, you are only acquaintances. As you initiate actions the other Sims like, you will see a green + symbols over their head, which means your relationship improves. And the easy-to-read meter that fills around the current relationship status shows you how close you are to take it to the next level.

Controls 5/5

All the controls work flawlessly, so I didn’t have a problem doing what I wanted to. The menu and the in-game command have a great design and are fluid. Although the screen seems a little crowded sometimes, it never hinders the gameplay. It’s easy to perform the various tasks and actions such as moving or buying furniture and cooking on the stove.

Replay Value 4,5/5

The replay value is quite limitless here. With all the different goals, wishes, and character set-ups there are a ton of ways to play The Sims 3.

The only problem is that the game may quickly turn into a routine for you. Monitoring your Sims hygiene quickly becomes redundant and having to go to work is a real snore. Even when you set up your Sim as a maniac, it doesn’t add much fun. Using other people’s showers and watching them sleep is not that exciting. Nevertheless, The Sims 3 is a real time sucker, so if you have lots of spare time, the game is there for you.

In-app purchases

The Sims 3 has a myriad of things to buy: from Gothic Wear It Set to the Prank Pack. So, you have great options to customize your characters and make their lives more entertaining.

Each of these in-app purchases costs just $0,99.


EA Mobile has done an impressive job with The Sims 3. The amount of content and detail represents a real dedication to making a complete Sims experience.

Although The Sims 3 is not a revolution in terms of its lifestyle simulator gameplay, this is an immaculate rendition of the PC game we have come to know and love. It’s The Sims in your pocket with all the character customizations and virtual life you could want. The game is as rich and inventive as ever, so it doesn’t need to be trivialized with talk of evolution, or groundbreaking technical achievement.



If you’ve enjoyed playing previous Sims titles and you are looking for a fun way to pass some time, you can’t go wrong with this game.

Pros : Quality game design;
Endless amount of replay value;
Smooth controls.

Cons : Redundancy;
No voice acting.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.5


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