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  • Last update: 4 years ago
  • Version: 5.27.2
  • Size: 24.17M
  • Compatibility: 2.3.3 and up
  • Content rating: Rated for 12+
  • Package name:
  • Last update: 10 years ago
  • Version: 5.33.3
  • Size: 677 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Electronic Arts
  • Content rating: Rated 12+ for the following:
  • Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
  • In-App Purchases:
  • Life Point Lotus $0.99
  • Handful of Life Points $2.99
  • Handful of Simoleons $4.99
  • Bucket of Life Points $5.99
  • Box of Life Points $9.99
  • Carload of Life Points $19.99
  • Pile of Simoleons $7.99
  • Currency Bundle $14.99
  • Handful of Social Points $0.99
  • Barrow of Life Points $14.99
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Sims FreePlay: Seems Like Classic Sims Review

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The Sims FreePlay is a life simulation game from the popular The Sims series; unlike the other games in this series, this has been created for mobile games and the classic The Sims gameplay has been redesigned to suit mobile devices. Players create and care for their Sims as they go through life and age. This free to play game uses real-time to dictate the actions of Sims and the player needs to issue all instructions to their Sims.

Graphics 8/10
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Despite being a mobile game, it has brilliant graphics that are close to the quality seen in the main games. It looks more like a 'top-down' game, however, this is not the case as the camera can easily be zoomed in and panned around the house. Everything in the game looks fantastic on mobile devices and follows the classic Sims graphics seen in the other games. Not only does Sims FreePlay work incredibly well on mobile devices, it's almost perfectly brought a free version of The Sims to mobiles; this is a great way to experience The Sims while away from a PC or console, however, it does have some downsides. While the game does feature a cash store, there's no need to ever actually buy anything; all gameplay impacting items that can be bought in the cash store can also be purchased with in-game money. The only downside to this, however, is the fact that it takes much longer to purchase these items and the player will need to do quite a bit of grinding. The only items in the cash store that can not be purchased anywhere else are clothing items; these are not needed to progress through the game and the free store already offers quite a lot of options to select from. The game uses real-time for everything and waiting for long periods at a time can be very annoying; as the game progresses more Sims are unlocked which helps with this issue slightly. The biggest annoyance due to this, however, is the fact that the game is constantly running, the Sims are always waiting for the player to command them and will not do anything for themselves. It gives the player more responsibilities about making sure they go to work on time and that they have their basic needs met.

Gameplay 7/10

The game features a good tutorial at the start of the game to introduce the player to the mobile orientated game mechanics and controls; it's relatively simple with the classic pinching to zoom and pivoting to move the camera angle. The game features a clear UI that is easy to understand and use which allows for a smooth gaming experience. While the game doesn't feature the same high levels of customization seen in the main games, it does have high customization for a mobile game. Players can design and customize their own Sim from a range of pre-selected faces and various other physical attributes. In addition to this, there's a wide range of clothing items to select and most are available for free. More customization items are unlocked over time as the player levels up however, there are also items which can be bought with the game's premium currency. Being a game in the Sims series means that, the player can also construct and fully customize houses to their own design; there is a large range of items and furniture which can be bought and placed anywhere inside of the various houses in the game. Building the house is similar to the main games, the player can adjust room size and also more intricate details such as flooring.

Controls 7/10

Controlling the Sims is pretty simple, they can be directed to walk to specific locations and to do certain actions by tapping. It works in a similar way to the main games and the control mechanics have been nicely transferred to mobile devices. Just like with the main games, Sims in this game have specific needs that must be filled to keep them happy and alive. However, Sims do not have any individual interests, skills or desires which means the player can have them do anything without consequences. They can also be given a variety of jobs which each starts at different times, the player needs to manually get them ready for work and then send them to work. As the game progresses more workplaces and shops can be built around town; this costs simoleons and lifestyle points, however. Sims can form friendships and romantic relationships with other Sims in the town; they can marry, move in together, have sex and have children just like in the main games. Any children a couple has are also customizable and fully controllable by the player. It's not just positive relationships Sims can form, they can become enemies and hate each other which can cause them to physically fight when provoked.

Replay Value 6/10

The game is played entirely in real-time, every action a Sim takes exactly the same length in real-time; this includes when the player sends their Sim to sleep. When one Sim is sleeping, another one may still active for the player to control and play with; the main Sims games feature a fast-forward mechanic to skip long actions such as going to work. However, this game doesn't include this feature. As the player levels up, more of the game unlocks including the ability to have more Sims; a total of 34 Sims are unlocked across the game and each one is completely controllable by the player. There is no autonomy in the game and Sims will not do anything unless they are instructed to do so by the player, the game is also constantly running when the player is away from the game. This means that Sims will not care for themselves in any way and can potentially die if left alone for too long

In-app purchases



The Sims FreePlay is a free-to-play mobile game from the popular Sims series; it follows the iconic gameplay seen in the life simulation series where the player creates and cares for their Sims. EA has released several mobile titles in The Sims series and FreePlay is potentially the best one from the group for a multitude of reasons.



Sims FreePlay brings the best of The Sims to mobiles but it does fall victim to the most frustrating 'feature' seen in most mobile games: the focus on real-time for completing actions.

Pros : Lots of customization;
Can have children;
Classic Sims gameplay.

Cons : Expensive ingame items;
Long wait times;
Forced to build houses;
Large download.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 3.5

Controls 3.5

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.5


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  • How to make Sims get married in the Sims FreePlay game?

    You have to reach level 10 to get your Sims married. After you meet that objective, progress through the goals until you achieve the “Get Engaged” goal. Then, let them “be romantic” until they are ready to take the next step — marriage.

  • Can I change a Sim's career?

    Yes, you can. Try this: open the Career tracking window and choose the icon representing Sim’s present job. Press the “Quit Job” button. After that assign a better career to your Sim.

  • How to add a new Sim?

    It’s easy — just tap on an empty home or vacant lot icon. If there is an empty home on the lot, you can instantly add a new Sim, but if not, build a new home.


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