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FIFA 16: Not Entirely Pitch Perfect Review

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FIFA 16 is the Android version of the main game from developer EA; this is a port of the Ultimate Team mode in the main console version of the game which means this is not a classic FIFA flick with all of the game modes.

The players are able to select the league they want to play in and the team they want to use as the basis of their squad; after creating one, players can then compete in matches against other teams. It brings the classic FIFA gameplay to mobile devices but this isn't a full game port.

FIFA 16 brings some of the classic FIFA gameplay to mobile devices; while the game is called "Fifa 16" in the Play Store, it's actually called "FIFA 16: Ultimate Team" which is why searching for tips and tricks can be a little confusing for new fans of the game.

Graphics 9/10
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The graphics in FIFA 16 are amazing and it looks impressive for a mobile game; it features realistic graphics that look similar to the ones featured in older consoles. Players will notice how crisp the game looks but there are a few slight issues with the player facial graphics, they do look a little bit strange and this distracts from the game.

Most of the game is spent outside of matches and looking through player cards to determine which players should be kept on the squad; the cards are detailed and the different statistics are obvious on them. This makes it easy to determine which players to transfer and which ones are good for the team.

It's also great to see that the game has zero trouble with the user interface; the menu's in the game are straightforward and are mostly easy to access.

However, there are some slight issues. Some of the menu options in the game beg for smaller fingers as there's only a small that the player needs to touch. Buttons like those are frustrating but there are few of them in the game and these buttons are not necessary to play the game.

Gameplay 7/10

Creating a team is the main aspect of the game; the player starts with their selected team then replaces players over time to create the perfect team. This is done by transferring players and also by increasing their skills through training. When opting to increase skills by training, the user actively controls that player and influences how well they do in that training session. This also acts as a training mode for users to learn the basic mechanics of playing the various matches.

Playing matches is also an important feature in the game, this is where most of the action takes place and players have several game types open to them; while the "Skill Games" are perfect for new players, they also provide the player with rewards for completing each Skill Game. This acts as the training mode for the game where players have a set objective to complete with any available character. Users can select what skill they want to train and more are unlocked over time.

The actual matches in the game are played in a similar fashion to the FIFA games where users are able to decide what positions to place their players; it's a simple mechanic that allows players to switch their team around to better suit their skills. Assigning positions to each player influences the squad chemistry of the team. Squad Chemistry encourages users to think about their team set-up; players in their ideal position or formation will play much better and a high squad chemistry means the team will play better. Different players can also be assigned as subs or reserves for the team and players have full control over this at the start of each match.

Matches are played in over several minutes where the player actively controls one member of the team at any moment and can pause the game to swap players on the field with a sub. As expected from the game, the winning team is the one to score the goals. Every match in the game works like this including for the online PvP mode that allows players to compete with each other through the EA servers. The online mode is plagued with connection issues and the entire game has some loading problems.

There is quite a bit of customization to FIFA 16 on mobile; not only can players be sold or traded, it's also possible to customize various aspects of the team. The player can give it a name, assign their kits, design the ball, select a stadium and also choose which badge the team should have.

Controls 8/10

Action filled mobile games can have a lot of trouble with controls but thankfully, FIFA 16 doesn't have any major problems. The controls in matches are simple to understand and use, it uses a joystick-based control system where the user directs a player using the control stick. This directs the player but there is also a separate "Sprint" button which tells the player to run, this is a much easier control method than the one used in other sports games.

Players are able to pass and take a goal shot through two buttons next to the one for sprinting, this allows players to easily control the ball and manipulate it without difficulty. This is a much better system that the ones seen in other soccer/football games on mobile devices.

The rest of the game is controlled by tapping the different buttons on the screen; most of these buttons are easy to press and the options are obvious.

Replay Value 7/10

There's certainly a lot of content in this game which can keep players entertained for quite some time despite the fact that the gameplay can be quite repetitive. There is little variation in the gameplay and each 'mode' in the game uses the same mechanics; fans of the sport, however, will find the team creation aspects to be quite enjoyable.

Users have a lot of team creation features at their disposal to create the perfect team from a large number of different players in the game; creating the 'right' team can take quite some time and for some players, this is more than enough to keep them occupied for many hours.

Away from these, however, there is limited value in replaying the game often; while there is plenty to do, the gameplay does become repetitive over time and those less familiar with the sport will find the game is boring relatively quickly.

The Bottom Line

FIFA 16 is a solid sports game and has been transferred to mobile well; this certainly isn't a full game port but the Android version of the game still works nicely.

This game is part of the annual releases for the FIFA series and a new version is released each year which contains upgraded features and some other slight changes to improve the game; for the most part, there is no real difference in playing older versions but there are very few active PvP players in older games.

Once you download FIFA 16 on Android, there's no stopping you.

This is more of a port of the Ultimate Team mode in the console game where players create and design their own teams before competing in various tournaments. The online PvP is nice to have but there are connection issues with the EA servers which can stop users from playing this mode.




Overall, FIFA 16 a solid game for any soccer/football fan but the repetitive gameplay does limit the time that the game can be played in a single sitting.

Pros : Amazing graphics;
Regular seasons for offline and online play.

Cons : Limited game modes which increases repetitiveness;
Plagued with connection issues and long load times.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 3.5

Controls 4

Replay Value 3.5

Average : 3.9


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