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  • Last update: 3 years ago
  • Version: 2.4.0
  • Size: 101 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Fun Games For Free
  • Content rating: Rated 12+ for the following:
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
  • In-App Purchases:
  • Starter Pack $0.99
  • Fistful of Gems $0.99
  • Pile of Gems $4.99
  • Castle 2 Pack $4.99
  • Bucket of Gems $9.99
  • Castle 3 Pack $9.99
  • Bowl of Gems $19.99
  • Castle 4 Pack $19.99
  • Castle 5 Pack $19.99
  • Castle 7 Pack $24.99
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Castle Crush Review

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After going digital, card games don’t require cards at all. They may include no deck we were used to before the digital era. Cards can only symbolize units you have in stock. Traditions are often intact, and cards look like cards even on display. But some developers step away from this tradition and add more than a pinch of action. There’s not much reminding us of a card deck, and it’s all left outside the battlefield.

Castle Crush is a kind of card game that only keeps the core of it. It rather looks like a real-time strategy, elements of which it took and used in battle scenes, though the essence is still card-based. This strange hybrid turned out to be very organic, so the game gained immense popularity. As for now, I mean April 5th, 2017, the game is only available for iOS.

Graphics 4,5/5
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Here’s the case a card game doesn’t look like a card game at all. The mechanics are the only thing that won’t let us forget. But, in spite of the core, the battlefield looks rather like a lawn out of Plants vs. Zombies. It also consists of three rows you plant your fighters onto.

The animation doesn’t pretend to be too realistic; it’s openly drawn, looking like a comic strip or magazine illustration. It’s a pseudo 3D, bright enough to color up the card game concept. The warriors move and fight in their unique recognizable manner, fights and explosions are loud and smoky, the sounds are sometimes wild. Castles fall down so realistically that smoke and small stones seem to break out of your smartphone or tablet.

Gameplay 5/5

Characters symbolized by cards are mostly traditional for an average fantasy novel or game. There are simple warriors, twin archers, skeletons, golems and, for example, bombs — the standard cards. The rare ones may include pirates, orc warriors, siege ballista. You'll also find the epic cards like Jester and others. In total, there are 47 cards, and the developers may add new ones with updates to come.

Each character has individual parameters — movement speed, health, attack, and range. For example, warriors are slow and are only good for melee, but they’re good at attacking and have excellent health. Archers are vulnerable to nearby enemies but have good range. A pirate owns a real cannon, so you’ll appreciate her range and attack. But in close encounters she’s helpless, so you’d better put her behind a strong warrior. Golems are perfect for defense but too slow to attack. As you learn your cards deeper, you’ll master the art of placing the right card against the most suitable opponent.

The battlefield looks familiar for castle-to-castle games. Your and your opponent’s castle stand opposite each other, and you send your warriors to destroy the enemy’s one. The rival replies you in the same way. Your mission is to select the right troops and to hit the opponent’s walls hard enough to crush them down. The castle has its hit points, so even when the enemy forces break through and reach your walls, you still have some time to throw them back.

Early games suppose an AI opponent, and later you’ll encounter a real enemy from the other side of the line. Playing online is, in fact, what card games are for. You never know who’s your opponent this time and what cards they have in their decks. The only thing for sure is that your opponent’s level will be about equal to yours.

I must also notice that if you get disconnected during the game, you’ll have no time to reconnect, like in 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip or some other games. The game is immediately lost.

As you reach the new level, you unlock new cards, new upgrades and even new castles, more resistant to enemy attacks. Your decks get richer, and you learn how to arrange them better.

There are also chests you win in battles or purchase for gems. It takes time or gems to open them. So you can’t spend much time playing unless you’re ready to pay for that. In chests, you can find some coins and cards you need to unlock new characters or upgrade the ones you already own. First upgrades cost 5 coins, but the next one is 15, then 40, and the price still rises.

This game has no logical ending. It offers endless upgrades, joining clans, showing off your progress, and enjoying the process. Anyway, in human history, no one has reached the end of the usual card deck.

Controls 5/5

There’s just nothing to say about controls. You just drag your cards onto the tracks on the battlefield, and there’s nothing to explain. I didn’t feel any need to be told how to control. That is, the controls section is perfect.

Replay Value 4/5

These games with almost endless upgrades are not the best kind to replay. Anyway, you won’t have to, unless you change your iCloud account. After you have unlocked half a full collection, there’s no fun in starting over again.

In-app Purchases

Free-to-play games usually offer a lot to buy at your will, and many do buy, as it saves time. The most important thing in Castle Crush is gems.

The game motivates you to spend gems on opening chests. The number of slots you can store your chests in is limited by 4. Unless you free one of them, you can’t receive new chests. Opening a silver chest for free can last 3 hours, a gold one – 8 hours. More than that, you can’t open 2 or more chests simultaneously. So, if you want more chests, you’ll need to open the old ones, and it takes gems.

The minimal number of gems to purchase is 80 for $0.99. The more is the stack, the cheaper is each gem. So, Mountain of Gems including 14 000 gems will cost you $99.99. You can also exchange your gems for gold, but not backwards.


An interesting hybrid of an RTS and a traditional card game makes you both act and think, so it’s a real fighting puzzle. If you like this combination of fighting and strategic thinking, you must enjoy this game and sacrifice endless hours of your life to it. But if you like pure action, you’ll feel the lack of it.



Not a reason to switch to iOS from Android, but it’s a good, worthy game.

Pros : Smooth gameplay and controls;
Various characters;
Good animation;
Great balance of action and puzzle;
Translated into many languages.

Cons : For now, it’s only available for iOS;
Can’t recover the game after the connection fails.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.6


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  • Wm
    WSU man
    This game is really fun, but I give it one star because of its unreliable scoring. I will win a match and receive a message saying that my trophies will increase by thirty. Instead they increase by two or sometimes my points even decrease after a win. And then there are times I will have a particular score and shut down the app and my phone for the night and the next morning my score is lower than it had been when last I played. This game is not mathematically correct. A level 2 Mage and a level 6 driad can only deal 500 damage with each hit if they do so at the same time. These went against my level 5 driad, which has Health of 532, and yet with one hit they killed my card. Where did the other 32 HP go? How about some bug fixes? As in me waiting to play a card after a lane of fire had gone out, then the game freezes and kills my card after the fact. My opponent froze my reaper after the blade came down but did not do any damage to the mage in front of him. Then later I froze his mage as his staff came down, but somehow my card still died. I did not realize that when an opponent uses "Fire" that it will kill my card in that lane, even after the fire died and my player was still transparent because it had not yet deducted the manna from my account. So apparently Fire can kill players who are already in a lane and those who are about to be played as well. It is a sad fact that if you are unwilling to pay money for this game, you cannot excel to the higher levels. I know that if the last card is eliminated then your next card starts back at your own castle. But I watched as my Skull King began at the farthest point and then my last card was killed and my players dragged backward to the start. My reapers blade went through the other players piece and did nothing! And then my reaper was killed. How can it do nothing! Get you bugs fixed for crying out loud! There is no way. My opponent used Whirlwind and I waited until it was done to place my statue. I count three full seconds...and the statue was blown backwards! There is no whirlwind that lasts three seconds. Bug cheat. Remind me again how the reaper works? His blade went through the mage, causing no damage at all and then the mage killed him. I wasn't under the impression that the reaper needed to attack twice to cause damage. I haven't posted in awhile, I thought I'd covered everything but here is a new one: killing a card as they are being switched to a new lane by the standard bearer. I switched to a new lane as their mage used their staff. The game registered that I switched lanes because it moved the pile of blood over. So there was enough time to move my player over, but not enough time to do so before they were killed? Right. It was my understanding that ice, you know, freezes players. Their mage showed up on dry sand and then the ice sheet came but the mage kept moving! Fix your bugs! Reaper fix this time: if a reaper is alongside a driad, it is fine but if it is alongside a statue it can be killed...even though the statue is clearly wider than a driad.
  • G
    You know, I love this game a lot and have worked really hard to get where I am in trophies and the one thing I loved about this game when I started playing it was the graphics and now it's complete garbage I feel like were playing on a old school pc module. I probably won't play it for a while maybe check on it but come on guys really, all the Update said was you can now speed up your replays....?? Seriously messed up u messed with the graphics and now I'm severely disappointed in this game I'm a leader of a clan and the way you guys changed the gameplay makes it terrible I mean it plays a lot slower and I just can't believe you guys would do this, step it up guys I mean this is just ridiculous. You can't imagine how sad and disappointed I am in this latest update Update: really hate how you guys are trying to include new things into the game the tournament is cool and all but it cost gems to get in and the funny thing is in the grand tournament it cost ten gems to get in and 325 gems if you lose and want to use a continue!!!????? I've been playing clash Royale way more then this game. I started out on this game and now play clash Royale and have a clan and it's fun I like it. You guys need to stop trying to make people buy things if we wanted to buy it we would. Deals are great but seriously u add a tournament and it cost more than it's worth and now I just hate this game and where you guys are heading with it. Step it up
  • X
    9085 wins. I got up to as high as 3700, but now I'm back to 2900 again. No matter what I do, I can't get anywhere in this game. About to delete it if I don't make progress by 10,000 games. The game is fun, but it is designed in a way that you can't progress. I've been in the same place for hundreds of games and it is finally getting old because I am not making any progress. If anything, I'm going backwards and losing progress which is really frustrating. The other problem is that some opponents have strategies that don't even give you a chance. This means the game is become more and more about luck and less and less about strategy and skill (which is what people want) 1. Reaper + Protection, 2. Extra Crystal + Mana Ritual + Mana Ritual + Epic Card, 3. Vampire + Angel, 4. Storm Elemental, and 5. Unchained Demon + Giant Growth + Nature Heal. Those are five strategies (if your cards come out right) that lead to an unfair win that doesn't give the opponent a chance. The game needs to be more strategic to be fun, not just about getting the right cards in the right order.
  • AA
    Samsung SM-T550 (Galaxy Tab A 9.7)
    8 months ago
    Je voudrais telecharger le jeux
  • h
    Generic Android 5.1
    8 months ago
    • JD
      Jeger Dilschad
      Samsung GT-I9301I (Galaxy S III Neo )
      8 months ago
      @hjhgjgkdgjdjyk Geiler Spiel

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