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  • Last update: 4 years ago
  • Version: 8.709.23
  • Size: 66.30M
  • Compatibility: 4.0.3 and up
  • Author: Supercell
  • Content rating: Everyone 10+
  • Package name: com.supercell.clashofclans
  • Last update: 9 years ago
  • Version: 9.256.19
  • Size: 118 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Supercell
  • Content rating: Rated 9+ for the following:
  • Languages: English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese
  • In-App Purchases:
  • Pile of Gems $4.99
  • Bag of Gems $9.99
  • Sack of Gems $19.99
  • Resource Pack $9.99
  • Box of Gems $49.99
  • Chest of Gems $99.99
  • Pocketful of Gems $0.99
  • Town Hall Starter Pack $9.99
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Clash Of Clans: Where The Yelling Face Saw The World Review

All the authors that work on this project are required to follow our guidelines. To make the most out of the game testing process, our authors launch it on various smartphones and tablets with not only the latest OS', but also the previous ones.

Now that Clash of Clans had been time-tried long enough, this game can be referred to as mobile RTS classics. This definition often means that the game cannot attract new fans and keeps up due to the old loyal audience, but Clash of Clans is not the case.

The game was launched in August 2012 (for iOS devices) and in October 2013 (for Android). Even if you have never played it actually, you might have seen its aggressive ads within different apps. Now it’s stable, and each CoC update only brings bug fixes. Still, it doesn’t take everyday innovations to attract about 200-300 million users!

Graphics 5/5
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Any Clash of Clans review should start with praising its graphics. The developers have made it rich and spectacular, but action scenes don’t turn to the usual mayhem we see in mobile strategies. The buildings and the units are easy to distinguish, the text part is well readable, and pictograms are easy to remember and tap when necessary.

The app looks great both on phone screens and on tablets, though, if you own both, we’d recommend using the tablet. Full HD or QHD screens bring you the pleasure of making out the game details, but even usual HD screens we see in cheaper devices are able to retranslate what Clash of Clans looks like. Another difference is made by forced screen mode, portrait on smartphones and landscape on tablets.

In fact, the experience on Android and iOS devices is virtually the same (unless you're using an Android device with obsolete hardware). Though older versions of Clash of Clans apps are still available through third-party sites, stable work is not granted.

Gameplay 5/5

Like in most strategy games, in Clash of Clans you have to rule your kingdom and upgrade its industry, its agriculture and its army. The further you go, the more powerful enemies you have to fight and the harder tasks to fulfill you run into.

There are three kinds of resources in this game: gold, elixir and crystals. While the first two is renewable and producible, crystals only can be received as rewards for your achievements (rare enough) or bought in the game store. The resources are complementary: it takes Elixir to upgrade your gold mines, and Gold to accelerate Elixir production.

The army is produced in Barracks and stored in Army Camps defining the maximum capacity.  The more Camps you have, and the more advanced they are, the more troops you can send against your enemy. War is necessary as necessary are the trophies. You’ll have to wait too long until you mine enough gold to upgrade your Town Hall even to Level 3.

Military part is made simple enough, yet it takes some good reaction and calculation. Select the place for your troops to land outside the red line bordering the enemy camp and watch them attack the closest targets. Their behavior is sometimes illogical; for example, troops attack and crash the walls to get to the target directly, instead of passing it even if it saves time. Just accept it as a feature.

You can attack both trolls led by AI or real players in PvP mode. Remember: it's an open world, so you can be the attacker as well as the target. New users get a 3-day protection that makes them invisible to others. But as it expires, other players become able to attack you. So take care of your protection and build some defensive forces like Cannons, Archer Towers, and don’t neglect Walls and Bombs!

If you don’t intend to spend real money on green stones, you’d better spend it on an external battery. To accelerate the processes, you’ll have to use many crystals, and if you choose not to accelerate, you’ll have to wait while the time ticks in the background. Though the app doesn’t have to run in the foreground (unlike Pokémon Go), it will notify you about its processes.

Though CoC download is free and so is the gameplay, you’ll have to purchase crystals if you want to succeed in your ruling. There’s no way to cheat; though Clash of Clans cheats are promoted on many sites, all these efforts are blocked on the server side. By the way, didn’t we mention that the game requires an active Internet connection?

Controls 5/5

Like in good old PC strategies, you don’t have to master strange moves or commands. Touchscreens do not allow grabbing a group of units by a frame, but you don’t have to at all.

You have a great lot of buttons instead, leaving no option in most situation. Collect elixir or gold, produce troops, send them to fight the enemy, build a new gold mine or Elixir storage; you’ll have no place to mistap. The game doesn’t force you to the only right way, but you can only make strategical mistakes, not gaming errors.

A little pleasant thing is Layout Editor that allows you editing your layouts and thus change your gaming experience.

Replay Value 2.5/5

Yes, you can start your promotion right from the beginning by starting a new game. But tell me with your right hand on Sid Meier’s Civilization: will you? As your progress is constantly saved in the cloud and bound to your Google/Apple account, you don’t have to start it from the very beginning. The space to progress ahead is unlimited.

The only reason to start the game again is your decision to quit it and pass your device with your account to someone else. But look, if you present or sell your smartphone or tablet to someone, they certainly will reset it with their own accounts and start their own game, right? So we imagine no practical need to replay Clash of Clans anew.

The Bottom Line

The game seems one of the best in its category. Brilliant graphics, advanced social part, multilingual interface, large tech tree and other features of a good strategy game are all here.



If you need a part of your life you’ll give an hour or two daily (at least), Clash of Clans is a good choice, with good graphics, exciting gameplay and a great chance to test yourself in virtual battles.

Pros : Detailed and easy to master graphics;
Advanced social features;
Interface designed for touchscreen devices;
Layout editor.

Cons : The game forces you to donate via your social environment;
It really involves and steals your time;
Poor replayability;
Useless while offline.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 2.5

Average : 4.4


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  • Can I continue Clash of Clans on a new device?

    Yes, it’s possible. Your account has to be linked to a Game Center account. Just log in to the Game Center on your new smartphone or tablet, and the game will ask if you need to continue the game on the new device.

  • How to upgrade buildings in Clash of Clans?

    To upgrade a building you have to tap on it and choose the “Upgrade option”. You can unlock other buildings and upgrades after upgrading the Town Hall. Note, that Mines and Elixir Pumps won’t generate resources, and defensive weapons won’t participate in battles while being upgraded.

  • How to reset Clash of Clans and start it from the beginning?

    You won’t be able to restart Clash of Clans. Still, you can start a new game on another device that doesn't have a previous game on it.


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