Kingdom Rush Vengeance

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  • Version: 1.5.2
  • Compatibility: 4.4 and up
  • Author: Ironhide Game Studio
  • Content rating: TeenViolence, Blood
  • Package name:
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Kingdom Rush Vengeance: The game for fans of magic Review

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King Vez’nan is back. And he wants a Kingdom. You will lead his dark army to fulfill his diabolical plans. Beautiful Linirea will never be the same, as you are gathering the most vicious army full of goblins, orcs, zombies, demons. You can choose the scariest and deadliest monsters to conquer old and new kingdoms. Vez’nan will be sorry he underestimated you. This strategy is full of extraordinary and colorful characters that can scare the hell out of naughty children. You can download Kingdom Rush Vengeance even for offline use.

Graphics 5/5
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Critics called it the best Kingdom Rush version for now. It is colorful and attractive. Even zombies are not so lame. You can choose one of 9 powerful characters to lead the army.

The game is pretty scary, despite of cartoonish graphics, mainly because of the Dark Army, actually. So, it is understandable why Ironhide Game Studio limited players’ age to 7+. After this age, it stops being scary anymore.

It looks good on Android. It will work with all versions, starting from 4.4. The graphics are properly developed. The Kingdom looks like you want to conquer it. The game itself is well thought-out, with attention to details - changing seasons, an abundance of building and objects.

Gameplay 4.5/5

It’s a strategy. So, you have to think a lot, before making new steps. Choose the main character wisely, considering both the strong and the weak sides. Each of them has permanent skills, like the ability to kill in their own unique way, speed, protection from enemies, which can’t progress.

While the idea behind the story is not new, even among tower defending games, it is still interesting to play on the dark side. What makes it so unique? You have to face 35 enemies during the quest and pass 16 tricky levels.

There are 16 smart towers with unique skills. And by the way, there is lots of good humor in the game, which makes the evil look funnier.

Game’s back-end, like menus, general layout, settings, is similar to the Iron Marines. You can choose which towers can go to the stage, with the total number of 5. Four towers are Barracks, 5 Magic, 3 Archers, and 4 Artillery. Every advanced tower has 3 skills now, unlike in Kingdom Rush: Origins, where Barracks only had 3 skills.

One of the main advantages of the new version is detailed World Map. Still, it looks like screens of the map on the previous game’s Steam version.

Tutorial level is revealed at the start. And there is no Iron or Heroic Challenge in the Tutorial. This level does not count as one of 16 main quests.

Controls 5/5

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Review says it is the third game of the Kingdom Rush Universe. For devoted Kingdom Rush fans it possibly takes up to 20-30 minutes to pass each level, as the navigation did not change much.

If you did not play it before, you can use the Tutorial level, and learn the secrets of the game. The interface is pretty straightforward.

If you want to get information about the enemy, just tap once on it. There will be a notification page with info about its powers, lives, and even information about tower which will be the best for imprisoning.

Every time you win the battle, check Upgrades and Heroes menus. Most likely you will have new Hero and Souls Points. Souls Points unlock power-ups or upgrade them, and Hero Points improve abilities of the hero.

Replay Value 5/5

There are multiple scenarios of the game’s end. And after you will receive one victory, you can always come back and try to do everything in a different way.

You can try playing various characters. Some of them are free, and others cost a few bucks. The most expensive is a dragon. Quite predictable - who doesn’t want to play a dragon? You can buy advanced towers and\with new skills (for them). You will barely open at least half of the towers at the first game completion.


Kingdom Rush Vengeance is a fascinating addition to Kingdom Rush World that gives you the opportunity to feel yourself another Darth Vader or as they say the leader of King Vez’nan army. It’s not free, but the price is fair, considering that game also has an offline version.

The game is easy to navigate and has attractive graphics inside. Villains never looked so cute. So, if you are tired of playing for “goody-two-shoes”, try this game.





After download, Kingdom Rush Vengeance takes you to the world, where evil is good and good is bad. It opens another reality with demons as your own army and desire to conquer the Kingdom.

Pros : Variety of Towers and their skills;
16 challenging levels;
Iron and Heroic challenges;
Three well-designed lands;
Three mighty kings that need to be destroyed;
Over 50 achievements, bonuses, dozens of artifacts and gems;
Offline version.

Cons : Some interesting heroes are locked until you pay;
If your strategy is poor, you can still pass through the game and only at the end, you will be kicked out;
So engaging, it eats up all your free time.

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 5.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.9


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