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  • Version: 0.543.8644
  • Compatibility: 4.4 and up
  • Author: Scopely
  • Content rating: EveryoneMild Fantasy Violence
  • Package name: com.scopely.startrek
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Star Trek Fleet Command: Play a strategy in space Review

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Star Trek Fleet Command is made specially for fans of engrossing strategies, space, and Star Trek. Once upon a time in Star Trek Universe...  And now you have the whole galaxy under your command. You need to pick the best officers, including Spock, James T Kirk or Nero, and build spaceships like Enterprise, join the most beneficial alliances with Klingons, Federation or Romulans before you will face the final battle for space. This MMO Strategy based on legendary space saga gives you a chance to become the leader in Star Trek world. And the cherry on top is that you can download Star Trek Fleet Command for free.

Graphics 5/5
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The developer calls game’s graphics stunning. And it is hard to disagree. Designers managed to recreate the original view of the Star Trek galaxy.

All characters look exactly like their movie prototypes. Scopely is experienced in this type of things. Just look at how they managed The Walking Dead mobile game.

But don’t get confused, it is not a hero-collecting RPG. Once you pack your ship with your favorite characters from Kelvin Timeline, the main focus switches to battleships. Developers did their best to please fans even in small details, like shields up in Einstein class spaceships.

Gameplay 5/5

The game may look somewhat predictable, at the first glance. But it is not all that simple. There is a wisely developed script in the game. Go to the Tutorial, where you can train your skills, understand the legend and meet new gamers and create a team.

You have to build a space station for your future ships, gather a space crew from the most experienced and probably your favorite Star Trek characters. Their skills will progress in the game, after each new accomplished mission.

There is over a dozen of different spaceships which look totally amazing, and desirable. Each of them has its own pros and cons, like speed or navigation skills.

Space station inside reminds of a city builder game. There are facilities you can build, picking materials, and designing them. Be careful, it can eat up all the time. So better rely on game recommendations, upgrade buildings that need to be upgraded and go back to epic battles. Another way out of the routine – ask your friends from alliance to help you. Team up and quickly create space stations for each other.

This game’s universe is really huge. You can concentrate on exploring the space, discover new planets, and meet with fractions representatives. Pick the perfect place to settle down, dig new resources, and upgrade skills.

Controls 5/5

According to Star Trek Fleet Command Review, the game seems very easy to operate. And yet, the screen is cluttered with an extensive amount of icons. Each of them still has tags and recommendations on it. So you will not get lost.

Every button is explained in the Tutorial, where you can receive advises and compliments from Scotty or other team members.

The animation is perfectly developed, and you can’t confuse spaceship with a map, or building materials. Just follow simple rules, read messages that appear on your screen, and you will quickly learn.

Replay Value 5/5

There are so much different tasks in this game so you will definitely want to come back again. Try new alliances, choose another strategy, help or destroy. It’s up to you. You may take part in peaceful negotiations, build, collect ships or officers, help locals, friends in alliances, take quests or fight with space pirates.

It will take some time to explore this universe completely.  Prepare yourself for a long journey and hundreds of missions that are waiting for you.


The game keeps the tight connection to official Star Trek story, so Enterprise looks exactly like Enterprise, and Spock… is still, well… quite himself. It’s a brilliant opportunity for all the fans to uncover secrets of Star Trek, search for universe’s limits and join the legend. Graphics and soundtracks represent the atmosphere of the original show. Practice your Klingon language on your fellows from the alliance. Be ready to give it as much free time as you have.





This game is the extension to Star Trek story. It could not be bad even if it had poorer graphics, script or less familiar characters in it. Stuffed with everything Trek fans dreamed of, gamers want Star Trek Fleet Command download because of simplicity, beauty and hundreds of other fans who share similar interests.

Pros : Star Trek Universe with similar legendary characters and ships;
Free to download;
Tons of quests, with various types of tasks;
Fascinating graphics;
The well-developed story behind the script.

Cons : Eats up your free time;
Spaceships battles could be better produced.

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 5.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 5.0

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1 Comment

  • KM
    Kevin Mawhinney
    4 months ago
    Well, I agree with the review to an extent. However, it doesn't hit on general game play. What I mean is, you hit on more of the layout of the game, but not the actual game play. For instance, there is a bit of an annoying game play action where everything you do requires a page load: opening a case, page load, clicking on claim, page load, opening the crew, page load, etc. The economy is a little unbalance, it doesn't scale well, and mining the resources just for a level up on a ship takes for an exorbitant amount of time. In fact, If going through the suggested upgrade path, you can get to the higher level ships, but, if you are not paying attention, you would have spent all of your resources on the earlier ships that you grow out of in a very short amount of time. Mining for resources requires you to be watching guardian style with your main battle ship over your mining ship. If you do not, an enemy ship will send a battle ship to destroy the less powerful mining ship. Unfortunately, completing the mining process could take hours. So does anyone have any time to sit and watch the mining ship? Additionally, there are some features in the game that have absolutely no real purpose, I have not been able to successfully find a need for it. For example, the find a system search feature. First there are no coordinates in the game, yet the feature asks for coordinate inputs. And, it really has no purpose. It did not take 15 hours of game play to come up with this. In any case, great game with some needed improvements.

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