Social initiatives

Freepps was designed to help people to discover new games and apps. From the beginning of our journey in the gaming industry, we wanted to make something valuable, something that can change the world and people’s lives. And our vectors were determined very fast. What can be better than investing in the education of talented specialists and help homeless animals?

Open the potential of young writers

Freepps supports all authors seeking to progress in their writing craft and provides them with expertise and publishing opportunities. In fact, young writers often lack support, but they are people who can change the world with their words. All they need is just the right guidance and strong motivation. Are you interested in the gaming industry but do not know where to start? Do you like to structure the information and make it easy-to-read? Is your writing passionate? With Freepps you can achieve your potential.

What will you get?

We are sure that the best way to grow the business is to invest in employees education. So, you will not only publish your articles and reviews on our platform but also attend a special program for young writers. Here, the professional authors will share their experience and recommendations with you.

But that is not all. As a Freepps writer you will get:

A decent compensation

The opportunity to be the first to test a new app or play a new game

Career growth

I am a talented writer! How can I join your team?

Want to share your apps and games reviews with the millions of readers every day? There are only a few steps to your dream:

Go to this page and fill in the form

Send it to us

Wait for our professionals to consider your application

In the case of a positive decision, we will contact you

Helping stray dogs to find a loving home

Another vector of our social responsibility, as we mentioned above, is the animal shelters pet-adoption program. Freepps team is a community of people of different cultures, views, hobbies, and interests. A new person always brings something new to us, something that we do not know or something we just weren't paying attention to. And this story begins several years ago when Sarah (designer) has joined our team. She has always been the one who invests a lot of effort into various animal protection programs. One night Sarah told us: “It is said that the dog is a man's best friend. If it is true, why approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats in the USA are killed because shelters are full and there are not enough adoptive homes?”

Well, we started researching, and let's just say, the more we learned, the more horrible things we discovered. So, we clearly decided to make positive changes in this situation! And there are several directions:

A lot of shelters are in need of financial support and sponsorship. Hence, we identified 5 nearby shelters with lack of financing and organized regular payments to them. We try to help cover the cost of food, medicine and more; Another problem — shelters often have personnel shortages. Some of our workers help pets foster families as volunteers. In fact, dogs are known to be highly adaptive and intelligent species. Volunteers walk with the dogs, train them, and learn the medicine basics; Additionally, we found out that each year people adopt 1.6 million dogs. And we are proud that two members of our team took the dogs from the shelters to home. On the pictures below, you can see Anny and Rick.

It is not easy to do something really important. But we thought it’s best to start small. So, we have started!

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