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Subscription FAQ

Do I have to subscribe to use your website?

Our basic services are 100% free of charge. You get to limitlessly browse through our online app reviews, news and blog posts without having to subscribe. You even get to ask our experts a couple of individual questions and get free answers. However, the number of these free answers is limited, unless you subscribe.

What if my opinion differs from your experts’ and authors’?

Having your own unique opinion is awesome. And if your thoughts differ from some of our experts’ views - that’s even better. We’re always up for a fruitful discussion. Email us asap. You could be our next best app expert.

What if I don’t want to see ads on your website?

Here at Freepps we only feature relevant, informative and often very helpful promotional banners. However, if you want to entirely focus on game reviews and current app news, opt for our Premium subscription plan.

I heard you guys can help me create my own mobile game. Is it true?

Yes, it is true. Our team of mobile game designers and developers have years of second to none experience working with relevant technologies under their belt. We’re invariably committed to our clients’ success.

How can you assist me in promoting my game app?

Our professionals with years of experience in the field of app development and promotion know how to get your message across to your audience. We will help you promote your game app by featuring your ad(s) at our online review platform and making sure everyone within our community notices them.

What makes you stand out among other video game review sites?

The team behind Freepps is professional and ambitious enough to aim at creating the most extensive online app review platform. We aim to build a community where thousands of passionate gamers genuinely love to communicate with like-minded people. Furthermore, Freepps is your go-to place if you need game development and promotion services.

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