candy crush saga cheats

I am playing Candy crush for log now, sometimes I am just stuck at a level because of limited moves or the lack of boosters. It just get on my nerves. Tell me all about the Candy Crush game tips and cheats there are available?
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  • Freepps Staff Moderator
    3 years ago

    It's better not to use any cheats because it can affect the game mechanics in a bad way. 

  • Desktop
    3 years ago
    There are many cheats for the Candy Crush game. You can get extra moves for a level. You can have unlimited lives to play for as much as you desire. The amount of boosters can be increased by using some hacks. Here are following. Download and install Cheat Engine. Log in to Facebook account and Open Candy Crush trainer and click to the browser list, select process in accordance with your browser. Enable the hack by clicking 'Enable'. One of the simplest hack is to set the time on your device 2 hours forward and it will give you full five lives. Do this always whenever you want full lives. For unlimited moves and lives simply click on the link and it'll guide you through For Unlimited Lives and 1000 moves
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