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I am a regular player of Candy crush but I get really upset when I am out of lives. I there any way to get full or unlimited lives on Candy Crush?
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    4 years ago
    This is quite simple. Go to your mobile Phone's Time settings and set the clock for about 2.5 hours forward. Like it is 2:33 on your mobile you will have to set time manually to 4:33 or 5:00. This will gives full 5 lives just in seconds. Do it every time you want full live and fell like the fun never ending. There is another method by use of Lucky Patcher. You have to install Lucky Patcher, like and subscribe and create an .apk file. Uninstall the Candy Crush app then re install with the .apk file information and play the game. Now when the patch is complete and game is installed and you can click on purchase of anything either gold coins or any booster , it'll be available in your bank without spending a count. Enjoy Candying!
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