What are best CoC layout strategies?

Can you tell me at least 3 clash of clans top bases? Are they hard to create?
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  • Freepps Staff Moderator
    4 years ago

    We know that figuring out the best methods towards crafting the best base layout for Clash of Clans isn’t as easy as it may seem. But our Clash of Clans layout guide will help you.

    1. try a stage layout offering ample protection for heroes and resource bases;
    2. don’t forget that the ultimate town hall 7 layout is an excellent trophy base;
    3. create your town outside of the perimeter of the village, but make sure to place several hidden tesla buildings and traps in the nearby.

    It’s a good setup for the game, but you should choose the best base layout for Clash of Clans by yourself.

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