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How to go fishing in The Sims FreePlay? I have chosen the hobby of fishing but I am unable to go on fishing, Help me
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    4 years ago
    This is quite simple. Adults and seniors can go fishing at the park using a fishing rod. Only one sim can fish at a time. First you have to click on the park from the map of the sim city. Now go to the sim activity center and click on the whistle for the person you'd like to come to the park/campgrounds/beach who has fishing as a hobby otherwise you will lose the progress. Once that person arrives, you should be able to click on the fishing pole. Then choose from following options: Go fishing(10 minutes), Unwind (1 hour), Settle in (9 hours) and 24hours fishaton. After the time has passed, your sim can catch a fish. Be careful of the fish you catch, they are man-eaters. Happy Fishing!
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