Get a job in The Sims FreePlay

I started playing SIMS FreePlay but this is what I can't figure out how to send my sim to work? How to get my sim a job and earn Simoleons (money)?
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    4 years ago
    Getting a job in The Sims FreePlay takes some time but it's not that tough. All you have to do is create at least two sims so that you can build a workplace of your own liking, there is a variety of jobs to choose from: actor, medical staff, scientists, real estate, musician, teacher, athlete or fire fighters. After you build up a workplace, then you can apply for a job there. Your sim will be hired and begin working there. Once your sim has a job, it is important that your sim must be punctual and regular at the job. Your sim can't have more than one job. Keep sending your sims to job even if they reach the highest level to earn money and I recommend don't switch jobs otherwise you'll have to start from scratch.
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