Getting engage on Sims free play

Getting engage on Sims free play/ I have the ‘Get Engaged Goal’. Now what?
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    4 years ago
    To get engaged on Sims free play you have to be on level 16 and the Sims get need to be in a romantic relationship, with the status of a partner. After they become partners, you will do the following: At the partner stage, fill your partner bar. At this stage you will need to complete the following tasks, Woohoo and Buy two roses. Also ensure you are not living together yet with the Sim you are trying to get engaged with, as it will cause the engagement to fail. Before proposing make sure both Sims are living in separate houses. Tap one of them to find the ‘propose marriage’ option. Selecting this option will bring up the “Engagement Ring Store”. You can then buy a ring and propose. You can also be given the best free ring if you complete the “Love is in the air quest”. If the other sim accepts then the engagement is complete.
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