How to make a baby on Sims free play?

Hi, how do I make a baby on Sims free play?
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    4 years ago
    Hi there, to get a baby on Sims free play you first need to be married. This is done by proposing to your partner and living together. After getting married do the following: Unlock the children’s store on the town map. You can also buy the Children’s play store. Purchase a crib and place it in your married Sims’ home in Build Mode. The more expensive the crib the faster the baby will arrive Place the crib on your inventory if you bought it directly from the store. Go to a free tile in your house and press the “Check Mark” to place Tap the create a baby and once you are ready you will be able to customize your new baby sim . When the baby finally arrives, tap to the crib to customize it’s gender and other details
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