Unlimited money on Sims free play

Hi there, I want to have unlimited money on Sims free play. Is there a cheat code for free money?
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    4 years ago
    Hi, if you want free money on Sims free play use the following steps: Sign into Facebook in the game Select your vacant house and if you don’t have one just put all furniture in one house in your inventory temporarily. Choose the neighbor item you wish you use. Place the item all over the house, to cover all square area. Log out of Facebook in the game. This is done by selecting the green button at the bottom with white dots. Click in the Facebook icon and select log out. Now you can sell all the items that you placed. As the town value decreases your simoleons will increase This will make you about 800,000 simoleons depending on the amount of time you take in placing and deleting items, usually about 20 minutes.
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