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-Call Blocker : block unwanted phone calls and messages (ios 10.0 ) or later - Easily find any phone number, if the number is landline or mobile number, domestic or international number. - Identify Spam quickly and never pick up an UN-wanted calls - Free phone number lookup - Offline mode: Recent Logs use it in offline mode works without internet connection - Name Lookup using the Search Function to find People or business - Phone book: Some things are Better with Real Caller * No more wrong contacts! * Avoid sending message or calling to the wrong party * Recover your lost phone book * Find friends, colleagues and family contacts - Caller identification: Too many calls from unknown numbers? Decide whether to accept or Reject a call! - Places: Search for any place near you, find it's contact info or locate directions. - search for restaurants, movies theaters, entertainment and much more! - Real Caller Telephone Directory with Reverse phone number lookup.
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