lost account since last update in Christmas

updated last upgrade you had in Christmas 2016. Being my tablet could not be compatible, i transfered my account to my SAMSUNG phone, but i can not find my acct. cant remember what email i used or password, never needed it since 2014 that i opened my LINE PLAY acct., maybe even earlier. My avatar's name is LILIMW/1939-3300, registered thru FACEBOOK too and no luck. MY INFO; ileana negron, 760 hunts point ave. #2h, bx, ny 10474. DOB: 11/21/59 and my email registered with LP is "[email protected] net" or "[email protected]". The password could be one of five i use. but nothing is working for me to pull my LP Avator back in my SAMSUNG phone. My tablet was uncompadible with your upgrades. HOW DO I GET MY ACCT BACK. HOW DO I GET ME FREINDS AND ACCT BACK TO KEEP BUYING FOR MY AVATAR? My telephone number is 646.410.8861.
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