The fastest way to make money Sims Free play

Hi, I am new to this game and I want to find out the fastest way to make money, without paying real money.
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    4 years ago
    To get more free money fast for iOS: Download the save replacement game and search for the Sims free play hack iFunBox. Install the iFunBox on your computer Plug your device into your computer using a USB cable. Close iTunes if it opens Start iFunBox then double click on Sims free play Open the documents folder. Inside you should see the “savegames” folder. Right click on the folder and select delete Open the save game replacement ZIP file. Inside the ZIP file you will see a “savegames” folder, click and drag the folder into the documents folder in iFunBox. Start Sims free play, after the game boots you should see that you now have 100,000,000 Simoleons and 88,8888,888 LP
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