Connect a roku tv to iPhone hotspot

Have roku tv 2nd question it asks I have ! So issue is I have iPhone 8+ , has a hotspot and the passcode asked for in step two ! Issue is question 1 as it ask this = network name ( ssid) ? I’ve no idea ! So hotspot comes from iPhone and verizion but roku tv no where do I see spot to connect but as stated as in private network is only option all other options = locked wifi
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  • TD
    Apple iPhone 8 Plus
    3 years ago
    Yup , answer I must own question ! Hours I’ve searched and yup attempted the connect and zip , zilch and hmmmm ! A rope , tall bldg , nope Superman ! Not I ! -3 degrees here in northeast and indeed yes ! The bridge the swift moving water cold brrrr it calls my name ! iPhone 3 weeks in purgatory I’ve been , someone push please ! You’ll hear nothing but THANK YOU as closer to freedom splasssh I’ll be !
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