Very bad and lousy service by Uber Company

Hi there, First of all, I had a very bad experience with Uber this morning. As I wasn't able to pay by credit card and for no clear reason the application on my mobile rejected the credit card payment method, which is very strange. So I had to pay by cash and the trip was very expensive for no reason and much more than last time. Second thing, the driver wasn't able to come to the right location and so I had to wait for him and call him multiple times to explain him on the directions, therefore, I lost a lot of time and was about to lose my flight because I was heading to the airport. Third point, I called your number in Doha and the person didn't respond and actually he or she hanged up the phone in my face. So I don't know what can I expect worse than that attitude and lousy service of yours. Have you no shame or decency, this is a real joke and I am going to escalate this issue to the uber management and publish this story on every social media and forum available. Also I reserve the right to pursue any legal claims against your company if I don't see any corrective actions from you soon. Thanks and looking forward to hear from you. Alaa Al Arawi Qatar
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